About Us  

We are two ladies who are sisters at heart and share an interest in well-being.

Several years ago, Gayann was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  When she was first diagnosed, she was very heavily medicated.  As time passed, she wanted to reduce the amount of medication she was on to live a fulfilling life.  So, Carlyn and Gayann began their quest and developed Sisters Healthy Connections.

We began our journey researching and supplementing our diet with vitamins and herbs.  We also started watching what she was eating and researching what was in the food.  We realized there were so many preservatives in her food, so she decided to make healthier choices instead of eating processed food that you throw in a microwave...i.e. she was the Queen of the Microwave.  She also started drinking more water and less soda.  Over the years, she has tried many methods to reduce her aches and pain.

Along the way, Carlyn and Gayann researched and finally found , a product that helped  her ease the aches and pains. We believe in our product and use it on a regularly daily basics.. Gayann realizes this product has not Cured her Fibromyalgia but it helps her deal with daily aches and pains.  We have shared the product with others and they are finding it is helping them as well.

Ask us! We care!

Carlyn (Lucy) & Gayann (Ethel)

Sisters Healthy Connections